Medical School

  • Ohio State University Medical School


  • University of Arizona


  • Cataract Surgery

Sean J. Mccafferty, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Sean J. McCafferty hails from Youngstown, Ohio, a working class steel town in northeast corner of the state. There he received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and worked in the steel, auto, and power industries. His desire to bring engineering to directly help individuals, Dr. McCafferty attended medical school at the Ohio State University and decided on a career in ophthalmology. His subsequent residency training was completed at the University of Arizona after which he founded Arizona Eye Consultants in 2001.

Dr. McCafferty is also a husband and active father of five children, enjoying a multitude of activities. He is a principal investigator conducting both basic science research as well as clinical research. Broad areas of research from inception to clinical practice are examined. A combined approach is utilized with an extensive knowledge base in optical engineering, medicine, ophthalmology and mechanical engineering. Several peer-reviewed articles and ophthalmic patents were authored by Dr. McCafferty.

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